Value Proposition

Who are Christine’s clients?

Public and private company executives; business owners and senior staff; nonprofit leaders and direct reports who have experienced every leadership system, training and assessment program and want a coaching alternative that research has proven provides an ROI of  at least 5 to 1.

What are Christine’s differentiators?

  • Ensures a better utilization of information generated by your dissenters.
  • Has an intuitive 360 degree understanding of the area landscape that represents your internal and external areas of accountability.
  • Provides In-the-Moment coaching on the issues that keep you awake at night.
  • Gives you tools to exponentially increase your strategic leadership agility.
  • Helps you identify, leverage and land a broader vista of opportunities.

Why do you need a strategic leadership consultant with an unparalleled success framework for career management /career transformation?

  • You will be held accountable for designing a future that is actionable today.
  • You will receive Legacy Leadership support: to build your succession matrix, to exit with grace – when the time is right, to on-board in new organizations with minimal effort.
  • You will receive a distinctive methodology for reframing your career achievements and mapping your movement from “success to significance.”

What’s the ROI for receiving coaching from Christine?

  • Through coaching, my clients have: achieved promotions with commensurate total compensation gains; honed  competencies that help them more quickly capitalize on marketplace changes and downturns; sharpened their early warning radar that equips them to make voluntary career moves; gained recognition through becoming authors, speakers and recognized thought-leaders and been selected for nonprofit, municipal, university, advisory and company boards.

What is Christine’s value proposition?

  • Christine is your hidden weapon, a knowledgeable trusted advisor who quickly grasps your needs and your organization’s culture, challenges and opportunities and helps you better navigate internal and external success pathways.

How will we work together?

  • Through Ten Build-Your-Own Strategic Leadership Program Sessions, Breakthrough Strategy Days and Private Coaching options, Christine provides personalized coaching and trusted advisor consulting. Christine promises informed honesty coupled with actionable strategies.

“Christine Glasco exemplifies the word leader, teacher, advocate, passionate and motivator. Her coaching abilities are engaging and forthright. Ms. Glasco is a true Executive that is well rounded and experienced which embraces excellence and positive results.”  Jeffrey B. Reeves, CEO, Inspirational Enterprise, LLC.

“A colleague of mine recently remarked on one of her clients: ‘As I watched him speak to a group of CEOs, I could see Christine’s work throughout the presentation.’  I consider an investment in Christine’s services, one of the best investments a person can make.”  Paul Zaidins, President and COO, American Locker Group, Inc.

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