What Does The Fine Print In Your Leadership Style Disclaimer Statement Say About You?

On November 10, 2011, in Blog, Leadership Development, by Christine Glasco

After purchasing and enjoying two generations of Blackberry phones in the past, in May, my family upgraded to the Blackberry Torch. Within two weeks, we had returned to the mobile phone vendor six times. At the seventh visit, the vendor sent us to a reclamation center and we were given – at no extra charge […]

Corporate Infighting: A House Divided or Et tu Brute?

On September 29, 2011, in Blog, Leadership Development, by Christine Glasco

A recent Fortune article “Inside Pfizer’s palace coup” describes: the devolution of former CEO Jeff Kindler; the internal Julius Caesar-type subordinate revolt that contributed to his departure (unannounced retirement) and the damage done to the company’s reputation. The coaching relationship I develop with my corporate leader clients presents an opportunity for me to assist the […]

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