Executive Coaching Customized

Strategic Leadership Executive Coaching Customized for the Leader’s Current and Future Roles (Six Month and Twelve Month Programs)

Who it’s for…..

Executives and Senior Leaders in corporate, business ownership or non-profit leadership roles who want to broaden and deepen the impact of inspired and visionary leadership on their organization; who want to be perceived as the candidate of choice for top roles and   for those who spend so much time in leadership they don’t have time to work on leadership.


  • A newly transformed approach to leadership that enhances strengths and minimizes weaknesses and allows the leader to re-write his/her leadership history
  • Increased understanding of effective and ineffective leadership behaviors
  • Greater ability to build an internal and external support infrastructure that increases the probability of positive responses to leadership style adjustments and organizational innovations
  • An enhanced leadership legacy that ripples and echoes throughout subordinate, peer and senior leadership constituencies allowing newly discovered performance synergies
  • Effectively leveraging the co-action between Strategic Leadership and Career Management/Career Transformation to incorporate more successful leadership  competencies while making major strides in career transformation
  • Design a strategic leadership roadmap that brings personal leadership behaviors in alignment with the organization’s culture
  • Arm the executive with additional tools to up-level the leadership competencies resident in the organization
  • A Strategic Leadership Agility Arsenal™ that supports the leader’s ability to immediately assess a situation, choose the right solution and prepare the organization for flawless execution


  • A Leadership Effectiveness Analysis Assessment™ and a Personal Directions Assessment™ that provides information on 22 leadership competencies and career transformation actions
  • A framework to assess and align leadership competencies with organizational needs
  • Trusted Advisor feedback that allows for fine-tuning of leadership style and acquiring some new approaches to make changes in organizational and individual performance
  • Internal and external Reputation Enhancement Matrix™ to improve leader candidacy for internal and external opportunities

Participation in this program is by application only.   For more information, contact us at INFO@CGConsultingGroup.net

6 Month Program and 12 Month Programs Available

“I consider an investment in Christine’s services, one of the best investments a person can make.”
Paul Zaidins, President and COO, American Locker Group Inc.

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