Private Coaching 6 Month Program

Private Coaching Career Transition / Career Management Six Month Program



Who it’s for…..

Senior Managers, Directors and Executives in corporate, business ownership or non-profit leadership roles who would benefit from a one-on-one approach to turn a loss of career momentum, lay-off, mutual agreement to sever the relationship or termination into an opportunity to attain new career energy, purpose and success in a new role


  • Re-energized career that leads to the attainment of new stretch goals
  • Success-driven preparation and readiness plan to guarantee the effectiveness of  all stages of the transition process
  • A brand-leveraging system that helps you get the role you want
  • A process for making the most of the transition and focusing on leadership development as a underlying objective and framework for developing a go-to-market strategy
  • Interviewing support including a get you noticed approach for ‘Acing’ the interview
  • Negotiating the right offer
  • An on-boarding blueprint that eases transition into a new role and new organization


  • Marketing documents that get noticed: bios, resumes and social networks presence
  • A career assessment, Personal Directions™ that provides information on what’s important to you and how to achieve it
  • A tool that helps you leverage your brand to get what you want
  • Interviewing, negotiating and on-boarding support
  • A Career Management Arsenal™ that provides a number of tools for quick access and execution

Participation in this program is by application only.   For more information, contact us at

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