Customized 12 Month Program

Customized Career Transition / Career Management Twelve Month Program

Who it’s for…..

Executives and Senior Leaders in corporate, business ownership or non-profit leadership roles who would benefit from a one-on-one approach to career management arising from lay-off, termination or being passed over for the top job


  • Successful transition into a new role, entrepreneurial or ownership opportunity
  • Opportunistic ROI testing of a multiple revenue stream or portfolio career
  • A better understanding of what happened to derail your career and developing ways to prevent it from happening in future
  • More effective ‘languaging’ of leadership competencies and a broader reference frame from which to make future-oriented career moves
  • A leveraging options approach that recognizes and utilizes the symbiosis, the co-action of Strategic Leadership and Career Management/Career Transformation
  • An acceleration plan that enables massive action and results with minimal, far reaching effort
  • Career changes that require you to develop and engage the Reputation Enhancement Matrix™ and seek industry leadership opportunities
  • Opportunity to make all the right career moves with minimal wrong moves or false starts
  • Insider knowledge derived from a board of director whitepaper recommendations of the best ways to obtain a board seat


  • Marketing documents that get noticed
  • Coaching on how to you leverage your brand to get what you want
  • Utilizing a Leadership Effectiveness Analysis Assessment™ that increases leadership prowess and a Personal Directions Assessment ™ that provides information on the best strategies for leading an integrated life
  • Designing a 100 Day Plan to efficiently test new options and opportunities
  • Interviewing, negotiating and on-boarding support
  • Designing a Key Influencer Contact Management System™ that gets you to the right people – fast
  • Developing a transforming Five Year Career Plan Platform™ that guides you quarter-by-quarter and year-by-year to achieve your goals
  • A Career Management Arsenal that provides a number of tools for quick access and execution

Participation in this program is by application only.   For more information, contact us at


“Christine will assist you to:

  • Discover who you are and what really motivates you!
  • Create the life you want to follow your passions, priorities, and talents!
  • Set and achieve proactive, powerful goals rather than just reacting to life!
  • Achieve the goals you really want and do so on your terms!
  • Breakout of self-defeating behaviors!
  • Gain a true supportive partner throughout the process to assure that you achieve your goals!
  • Celebrate your victories and enjoy the wonderful rewards from achieving your goals!
  • UNLEASH THE POWERS WITHIN YOU, to accomplish more than you ever thought possible!”

Jim Charles, Board Member and SVP at MWP Services Corporation

“Christine Glasco exemplifies the word leader, teacher, advocate, passionate and motivator. Her coaching abilities are engaging and forthright.”

Jeffrey B. Reeves, CEO – Inspirational Enterprises, LLC, entrepreneur and author

“I have used Christine as a career coach on several occasions during the past ten years. She assisted me in reaching the next level in my business model and achieving many of my personal goals.  I consider her as one of the top ten in her profession.”

Dr. Laureen Wishom, Chief Solutionary Officer, Masterpiece Solutions, LLC

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