Breakthrough Strategy Day

Career Transformation – Breakthrough Strategy Day

Who it’s for…..

Executives and Senior Leaders in corporate, business ownership or non-profit leadership roles who want to execute the most efficient process for making massive career changes in the shortest amount of time


  • A comprehensive objectives-driven approach for making immediately actionable career moves that will land you where you want to be on your current path
  • An unfettered – fast way to make quantum leaps in designing a new path
  • A comprehensive blueprint for taking the type of actions that will return the most gain
  • Model design of a detailed Five Year Career Transformation Plan Platform™
  • Condensed time expenditure to design the best decision-making process that leads to a detailed go-forward career transformation process
  • A driving for solutions approach that realizes the biggest gains for minimal (smart) actions


  • Custom assessment, rapid design and an unparalleled strategy with the benefit of  immediate application and execution
  • A Career Management Arsenal™ that provides a number of tools for quick access and execution
  • A step-by-step plan to make major strides in your career – the moves are crafted to bring the greatest ROIT (return on invested time)

Participation in this program is by application only.   For more information, contact us at

“Christine played a critical coaching role for me when I left a corporate role and was on a journey of redefining how I could best contribute my desires, skills and talents to others.

Kimberly Simeus, President at Sove Lavi

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