Work Your Net to Achieve Career Transformation!

On September 20, 2013, in Blog, Career Transformation, by Christine Glasco

Everybody has a Top 5 or a Top 10 advice list for their family members or friends who:

  • want to recover from an unexpected job loss,
  • are determined to execute a successful career transition,
  • strive to obtain a promotion with their current employer,
  • seek to transform their careers and accomplish more than they ever dreamed possible.

Normally (somewhere near the top of the list) the recommendation for networking will appear.

When I think of networking, I envision attending an endless round of professional association meetings where you have to share your elevator speech, you collect lots of cards and you never follow-up. I admit it – I hate to network.

Let me tell you a story. 

I started working with Tom, a client who experienced a job loss in July 2012.  He was a long tenure executive in a company that decided to dissolve an underperforming line of business.  The line of business was challenged by new entrants and innovators who offered a technology-based product and service.  Tom’s company disbanded the unit and laid-off the associates and the leadership team.

As part of the service I provide to all my executive transition clients, we wrote an amazing resume, created a one-page executive bio, crafted a marketing plan, identified several viable career options, and designed a customized communications program that included strategies for working his ‘Net’.

Last fall, Tom decided to attend a national trade association conference.  Two weeks before the conference, we analyzed the participant list, drafted a pre-meeting contact approach, developed a messaging and positioning platform, scheduled meetings with key influencers, and designed an ongoing follow-up contact process.

Here’s a portion of the pre-, during, and post-association conference Communication & Engagement Model™ that I developed for him:


An interesting thing happened. 

Tom scheduled a meeting with Gary, a business contact in a related industry, whom he first met 14 years ago.  Tom kept in contact with Gary at trade shows, via emails and phone calls. They also met for lunch and dinner over the years and they typically discussed market issues, innovations, the decline in the industry, customer needs, trends, etc.

In the 14-year interim, Gary had become CEO of a private company in a related vendor business.  During the trade show association conference, Tom met Gary for dinner. Tom asked about the state of Gary’s company, new customer needs, expansion plans, competitors, and ended the conversation by describing his career targets.

Tom kept in touch with Gary as part of the post-event communication strategy.  This week, Tom called to let me know that Gary offered him a dream job that would allow him to drive industry innovations and clear the way for a resurgence of a technology-oriented service/product line.  Tom received a very attractive compensation and relocation package.

The moral of the story…

Networking for the sake of networking – doesn’t work.

Working your Net: offering thought leadership commentary, staying connected to key influencers, living your brand, discussing the competition, demonstrating your knowledge of customer needs, helping others, updating your knowledge,  discussing innovation possibilities, leveraging technology… staying engaged with your Net – works.

Instead of networking, work your Net to achieve career transformation!

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2 Responses to Work Your Net to Achieve Career Transformation!

  1. Excellent story and approach. I v’e known Ms. Glascow for more than 10 years as a person, coach and professional-her services and leadership are outstanding and will challenge you to think deeply out of box. Jeff Reeves

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