Who Needs a One Page Career Plan? You Do!

On December 6, 2011, in Blog, Leadership Career Success, by Christine Glasco

The beauty of utilizing a “One Page” approach to address any personal or business issue, problem or opportunity – lies in the simplicity and focus it brings.

Greg Brenneman, former CEO of Burger King, former CEO of PwC and former President of Continental Airlines frequently gives keynote speeches and interviews on the virtues of developing a One Page Business Plan.

He advises leaders:

  • To identify the two or three levers to pull that drive business results.
  • To prepare One Page Business Plans for four areas: marketing, finance, people and product.
  • The key to success is to constantly keep the plan ‘front and center’ and communicate frequently using a variety of platforms.
  • To name it – leaders, managers and employees are all on the same page.
  • The true value comes from consistency of message, intentional communications, targeted messaging and alignment.  This is the basis for attaining execution and follow-through results.

These same principles apply when you wish to make game-changing strides in your leadership career path.

The major levers that drive the achievement of leadership career growth are:

  1. Write a One Page Career Plan.  Writing a plan – especially a one page plan – forces you to make decisions, to be focused and to only identify the people and actions that will actually impact results in attaining your career growth goals.
  2. Define your Leadership Brand. Determine your strengths, what you are known for, your ‘promise’ and your Value Proposition.
  3. Conduct a Gap Analysis. Review the Current State of your leadership career.  List Interim Targets you would like to achieve in two-to-three years.  Identify Future Leadership Career Targets (five-to-seven years out).  As part of the Gap Analysis, determine the Action Steps required for now, two-to-three and five-to-seven years out.  Develop a schedule for completion
  4. Develop excellent Stakeholder Relationships (senior leaders/bosses; employees; internal and external customers and internal and external influencers).  Refine your messaging, know and communicate your story, and identify how you can be of service to others in new ways.
  5. Be clear about ‘What’s Your ‘Why’ – how will achieving each goal contribute to your purpose or help you to be of greater service?  Will attaining your five to seven year goals positively impact your ability to practice Legacy Leadership?
  6. Name your plan.  Give it a name that contributes to making it your compelling vision and mission.
  7. Identify the Critical Success Factors and post your plan in visible ways to ensure that it is top of mind on a daily basis.

When you want to plan your future career moves, take Greg Brenneman’s advice and write a One Page Career Plan.

Questions for you to consider:

  • Do you have a career plan in place?
  • What should you name your plan?

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