What is Your Career Story?

On June 14, 2012, in Blog, Leadership Career Brand, by Christine Glasco

Everybody – yes everybody is talking about, writing about or providing consulting on the topic of personal branding.

Don’t misunderstand this statement.  I think it is imperative that we all develop and ‘live’ our personal or leadership career brand.  I also believe we should rebrand periodically as our education, personal development, experiences and perspectives change our career targets.

Your personal or leadership career brand needs to encompass your personality, core values, accomplishments, talents, unique offering (X – Competency), and brand promise.  When I put on my career coach hat, I also advise my clients to think about and be able to relate in formal and informal settings – their Career Story.

Why do you need to have a Career Story?

An effective Career Story helps you access your brand equity – and ensures the continued appreciation of your equity investment.  Your Career Story should emphasize the highlights of your leadership career history; your unique value; key learnings and insights; successes and failures, and should encompass your future career aspirations.

Isn’t a Career Story the same as an Elevator Speech or a 30-Second, 90-Second or Two- Minute Commercial?

No. It is more than the prepared information we recite to introduce ourselves at a networking meeting.  The Career Story is the invitation and entrée into a deeper, meaningful conversation with internal and external key influencers, one-on-one or in a group setting.  It is not rehearsed.  It is filled with fresh thinking, innovative thought leadership, personal insights and a ‘what’s next’ theme.  A meaningful conversation requires that you ask the other person or group to share similar information.  It also requires that you ask thought-provoking questions to help the others share their Career Story.

A Career Story accompanies you to meetings and interactions with customers, vendors, peers, subordinates, friends and acquaintances. It speaks your personal commitments, ethics, your work imperatives and goals, vision, practices, etc.

In a recent Career Rocketeer article detailing the power of telling your Career Story, the author recounts numerous benefits including: it helps build trust, makes you memorable, helps you stand out and establishes your brand identity.  The article also identifies the paybacks for relating your Career Story in the job search process.

Whether you are a corporate leader, private company individual contributor, business consultant, entrepreneur, investor, educator or non-profit professional – you need to leverage opportunities to tell your Career Story.

So, as you work on your personal or leadership career brand, remember to also think about your Career Story.  Knowing and living your Career Story will add ‘heft’ to your personal brand.

A question for you to consider:

  • Who needs to know your Career Story?

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