The Secrets to Transforming Your Leadership Career

On December 12, 2012, in Blog, Career Transformation, by Christine Glasco

In one way or another and in one role or another, I have spent the last 22 years of my career helping leaders successfully transition into their next role – and in most instances, I have helped these same leaders and aspiring leaders, transform their careers.

A recent McKinsey article, “What Successful Transformations Sharedetails the best practices of successful business transformations uncovered during a survey of executives around the world.

The survey results prove that personal transformations and organizational  transformations share similar success characteristics and key tactics.

Whether you want to lose weight, start exercising or transform your career, the steps for success are the same:                           

Step 1

“Set clear, aspirational targets.”  Assess the current state of your leadership career and establish short- and long-term goals for transformation.

Step 2

To make major changes you may need a coach, a mentor, an advisory board or an Accountability Partner.

Step 3

Build capabilities and acquire new competencies to help you stay on track and maintain long-term career health.

Step 4

Celebrate wins. Focus on strengths and achievements rather than problems.

Step 5

Develop best practices; teach/share your knowledge with others to optimize the transformation.

Additional success factors

  • Identify the underlying mindsets that must change for the transformation to succeed.
  • Make the transformation a MUST – whatever it takes.
  • Make the transformation meaningful” – it simply has to be Urgent and Important
  • Be the change” (transformation) you want to see.
  • Break down a large transformation into manageable smaller initiatives.
  • Know your current capabilities AND identify the qualities and capabilities that will be needed to implement transformations in the future.
  • Find ways to stay energized and engaged.
  • Ensure that the career transformation improves both your short-term performance and provides the platform to grow your leadership capability in the long-term.
  • Successful transformations focus equally on strengths and problems.

Last year, Scott Keller and Colin Price wrote an article on the Four Ways to Lead a Successful Transformation:

“Larry Bossidy, reflecting on leading a transformation of AlliedSignal, wrote, “Many people regard execution as detail work that’s beneath the dignity of a business leader. That’s wrong … it’s a leader’s most important job.” This means getting involved in the problem-solving on high value initiatives, making quick decisions when barriers appear, and staying on top of the numbers. We’ve learned that the adage “In God we trust, everyone else brings data to the table” fully applies during a transformation.”

In the McKinsey survey, “Sixty-nine percent of respondents say their companies’ transformations led to a greater capacity for continuous improvement.”  This means that the ROI for transforming your career is guaranteed to reap future continuous payoffs.

A question for you to consider:

  • Have you implemented the secrets to transforming your leadership career? If your answer is yes, please contact me at:

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