Disappointment 1

Not laying the groundwork for being the candidate of choice (based on your competencies and abilities) for the ‘perfect’ promotion.

You are here… The skills and habits that have taken you this far, might not be the right skills and habits to take you further.

You can get ‘there’.

But you have to understand that what got you here won’t get you there.  Let the journey begin.”  Marshall Goldsmith, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Disappointment 2

Not developing a leadership career value proposition platform and not leveraging your value proposition to achieve future career and organization growth.

“Based on a survey of leading market analysts globally… the quality of senior leadership—including core capabilities as well as personal qualities such as honesty and integrity—has a direct, and measurable, impact on analysts’ assessments of whether companies have been successful and will be successful in the future.

The analysts who said the quality of leadership affected their valuations awarded, on average, a premium of 15.7% for particularly effective leadership—and a discount of 19.8% for its opposite. To that end, the gap between the value of a company with good leadership and that of a company with weaker leadership could be more than 35.5%.

The report indicates that analysts look for three core components when assessing an organization’s leadership strength:

  • Strategic clarity – a clear vision of what the organization needs to achieve.
  • Successful execution – proven ability to meet objectives.
  • A culture of innovation – commitment to enterprise; an environment for ideas.

In addition, analysts look for two attributes that support these components: effective corporate governance and effective leadership characteristics.”  Deloitte, The Leadership Premium

Disappointment 3

Not building a key influencer internal and external network.

“Building a network is really a lot like digging a well.  First, there’s a decision. ‘Guess what? I might be thirsty one day.  I just might need a well to draw on.’… Then there’s the homework —- getting prepared to dig… Then you have to actually get started. That’s a hump a lot of people never get over in other areas of their lives.  But the good news is, as far as networking goes, you’ve already started… Now you have to expand and excavate from where you’ve started digging.” Harvey Mackay, Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty

Disappointment 4

Not anticipating or understanding when your career is ‘derailed.’

“The real message here is: most of the time, the executives knew things were changing. The company culture or the strategy or what was viewed as the ‘right’ leadership style had changed. The company did not want as much change as they advertised when hiring. There was a poor fit between the incoming CEO and some of the tenured senior leadership team members. A merger or acquisition required a major turnaround or growth strategy.  Things changed.

And yet, they did nothing.

When I say they did nothing, that’s not really true. They worked longer hours; they tried harder; they had meetings and discussions with the CEO or Board; they held their tongues; they sometimes spouted the company line – but in the end they were terminated.”  Christine M. Glasco, The 18 Month Syndrome

Disappointment 5

Not understanding the value of branding your leadership career and not being able to articulate your brand. 

“Building a brand is [a necessity] for any leader who wants to be successful.  Even if you never want to become the CEO, if you are a leader, you need a brand. 

Your brand will help you attract the right people to your team; align them around a common purpose; mediate issues; get things done across the matrix of the organization; influence your CEO, board, and executive committee; and also helps you create a more dynamic, high-functioning organization.  Your brand will help you to win trust, create legions of fans, attract new opportunities, and advance in your career.”  Suzanne Bates, Discover Your CEO Brand

A question for you to consider:

  • Do any of the 5 disappointments of a leadership career ring true for you?



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