As a Career Coach, I view Reputation Enhancement as a long-term market positioning strategy that helps you grow your brand, become known, create opportunities to communicate your leadership career successes and make current contributions to a future-oriented Career Equity Bank. Each quarter, decide on specific steps to take (‘deposits’ you will make) to grow your balance.

Continued tenure is based not only on your internal track record – but also on your external reputation. Achieving spectacular internal results is no guarantee of continued employment in your current position.


CEOs come and go, company fortunes wax and wane, new competitors who are leaner and meaner join the field, and today’s favored executive may become tomorrow’s ‘also ran’. In this up and down economy, the deposit that you make today in implementing the Top 5 approach to enhance your reputation, will pay handsome long-term dividends.

Questions for you to consider:



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Christine M. Glasco, Career Coach – consults to company executives, business owners and non-profit leaders on career management, career transition and strategic leadership development solutions.  To request a complimentary copy of Five Tips to Transform Your Executive Career  and to receive Who Needs a One Page Career Plan? You Do!   Go to:   Email:  Phone:  1.940.367.0837

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