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On May 3, 2011, in Blog, Leadership, by Christine Glasco

It is 3:29 AM on a Friday morning… This was supposed to be my day to sleep late, kick-back and reflect.

But I woke up thinking about the ‘X-Competency’. On April 12, 2011, I wrote a Blog: You Need to Have More Than Arrows in Your Quiver – or – How Does He or She Do That? In that Blog, I identified a phenomenon I call the ‘X-Competency. The ‘X-Competency is an additional talent (or two) that effective leaders possess, often without their knowledge. They might consider themselves lucky or they might say: “I have a great team.”

However, when people ask you: “How did you do that?” – take note; this is when your ‘X – Competency’ is fully operational. This talent is part of your fingerprint and can be leveraged to become a major point of differentiation.

After posting that Blog, I have been deluged with people asking me about the ‘X-Competency’. For the record:

1. I am not a social scientist.

2. I have no empirical data.

3. I have no way to prove that it exists.

What I do have is qualitative data, stories from client after client, leader after leader, friends, colleagues, former bosses, team-building sessions, etc., that provide anecdotal data confirming the existence of the ‘X-Competency’.

The ‘X-Competency’ will often come to the fore in times of crisis – that’s when it is very clear that the person rose above the situation and handled the problem or issue in a surprisingly magnificent manner.

Or after a promotion, when the full weight of the new job requirements settle in (and the leader comes to the new role without all the requisite skills), he/she may find their hidden ‘X–Competency’. Or he/she might employ two other talents (forming an emerging ‘X–Competency’) to use in tandem to handle an unfamiliar problem or crisis.

Sometimes (but not often) the ‘X-Competency’ shows up after a job loss. I have seen executives in transition make choices, embark on huge changes in their careers, and be very successful in developing their latent ‘X-Competency’.

After reading the April 12th Blog, one of my friends sent me an email and said: “loved your last blog and I’m still trying to figure out my X-Competency!”

I replied: “I bet people always say – how did you get those two ‘warring’ division heads, or those two departments or those people to talk to each other? I bet people who can’t stand each other act in a more civil manner when they are around you. I bet people with miserable personalities are very nice to you.

I think one of your ‘X–Competencies’ is the calming effect you have on people. I think you have a serenity that others envy and while they don’t know what it is, they just know that they like being around you!”

She responded: “I’ve been told I have a calming effect.”

When we have lunch next week, we will talk further. While she acknowledged her ‘X-Competency’ I don’t think she fully grasps how it is an element that is present in EVERYTHING that she does. She doesn’t fully understand the value others place on this talent. She also doesn’t realize how she links it with other competencies when she needs an extra – Oomph!

I ended the April 12th Blog by asking: What is your unique ‘X Competency’ or gift? How has it served you in your career? How can you better utilize this competency? I plan on asking her these questions over lunch next week.

I titled this Blog – Put Your Coach Hat On. One of the best gifts you as a leader can give to your team members is your insight into their unique ‘fingerprint’ or their exceptional, one-of-a- kind ‘X-Competency’.

Questions for you to consider:

• What is each team member’s ‘X– Competency’?

• When do you most often see this competency?

• How can each team member better utilize their ‘X – Competency’?

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