Recently, I had the pleasure of observing Tony Jeary –  prolific author, presentation authority, strategy and execution mastery expert – present the observations, personal best practices and leadership lessons he shares with his global leader clients.  

His presentation was at a SRO breakfast meeting of about 100 people.  Yes, it was a very early morning and the venue was a long drive for most people.  So why were all these people willing to get up at the crack of dawn to hear his message?  

A few days after the breakfast, I interviewed  Tony about his work, life and his latest book: Strategic Acceleration – Succeed at the Speed of Light.

Tony, unlike the thousands of ‘coaches’ who have a catchy tagline for marketing purposes, your reputation as – Coach to the World’s Top CEOs –  is based in fact.  Will you identify some of the companies where you have consulted to the senior executive team?   

“I’ve coached the presidents of Wal-Mart, Shell, NYL, Firestone, SAM’s Club, Samsung and Ford.  But it’s not just presidents. I’ve had the good fortune to coach many high-achieving executives and entrepreneurs who are constantly looking to get accelerated results.”   

Your expertise runs wide and deep in presenting and communicating, leadership effectiveness, mastery, execution and achieving superior results. What were the early lessons you received in life that contributed to your body of knowledge?   

“My parents were entrepreneurial and taught me to work hard and be willing to do things others weren’t willing to do to serve others.  I’ve owned dozens of businesses in my career, and some of them failed.  But my dad taught me the mantra which I live by today: ‘Give value…do more than is expected’.”   

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, outgoing Campbell Soup CEO Douglas Conant says “it’s the little things that make leaders great.  It is all about making powerful connections in tiny moments.” Tony, what do you feel are the top attributes or competencies required to be a successful leader?   

“I’ve written over a dozen books on communication and presentation mastery, and that is definitely a key. I believe Life is a Series of Presentations, and as leaders we need to make each one count, whether it be one-on-one or in a large group.    

It is also important to balance your time between strategic and tactical.  Invariably, when I work with individuals or groups and I ask the question about the percent of time working in ‘strategic’ vs. ‘tactical’, tactical is a much higher percentage.  That means there is a tendency to get mired down in activity without always strategically thinking through the reasons.  It means our leaning is to be more reactive than proactive.  I believe a balance between strategic and tactical will bring about the right results.”   

What are the 3 Secrets to Success that corporate leaders must know in order to achieve organic growth, encourage innovation and ultimately navigate their companies through turbulent economic waters?   

“Leaders in today’s age of technology must have:  

  • Clarity on what they want and where they are going;
  • Focus on those high-leverage activities that will accomplish that vision; and
  • Execute for results, faster. 

It’s just not enough to get results! The world is moving at an exponential pace from decades past, and it is important to continue to challenge your current beliefs about what it possible and move beyond great into mastery.”   

You recommend that your clients write a Vision Statement and identify High Leverage Activities.  Can you tell us more about this?   

“Without a clear Vision Statement, there is no clarity on what you’re working towards.  Getting clear on what you want is critical to getting what you want.  

Once the goals are determined, identify those High-Leverage Activities (HLAs) that when done will help support reaching your goals and getting results.  This is a big shift sometimes, but when done individually and as a group, you can achieve exponential results.”   

What personal success habits do you recommend for continued peak performance?   

“I recommend using lists to support execution, and I recommend this for your team as well.  Life moves fast, and it isn’t possible to keep everything in your head that needs to happen.  

In addition, better utilize your staff to do things for you that will help you focus more on your High-Leverage Activities.  Take an inventory of things you need to do more of and less of and find ways to delegate better.  

Taking care of yourself, your body, and your mind will also keep you ready every day with the energy and mindset to make a significant impact.”   

You travel the world, assessing company leaders, comparing successful and not-so-successful business models; observing energizing and limiting cultures, etc.  Using any metrics you choose, how do US company leaders compare to their global counterparts?   

“I have found that it isn’t geography that matters as much as mindset.  Highly successful people become that way by creating healthy habits that lead to their success and produce results.  They lead and leverage their teams for the best outcomes.  They continue to think innovatively about how to do things better, smarter, and faster.  They don’t become complacent in their success, but they continue their quest to be the best – not out of ego, but out of pure desire for self-growth.  They challenge the belief of others that something can’t be done, and they find a way to make it happen.  And results happen!”  

 Questions for you to consider:  

  • What are your strategy and execution goals?
  • What are you doing to move towards mastery?

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