When I saw this video clip of Matt Lauer interviewing two successful CEOs – who happen to be sisters – I had to share it.  You can almost feel the joy, sense of adventure, personal pride, sibling rivalry and the leadership career success mindset that was instilled in the family of four sisters growing up with an extraordinary Father.

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A Personal Comment:

Before I tell you more about these two CEO Sisters, I want to tell you a little bit about my family.  My Mother was the quiet, loving center of our family – my Father was, well you could best describe him in today’s terms as a “Tiger Dad.” 

Our dinner table talk was focused on the need for an excellent education; establishing career goals; making the right career choices; how to get ahead in life; the level of responsibility we had to exhibit in every endeavor and to always live by your word.  So I have some up close and personal knowledge of the trials and benefits of being born in a high-achieving family.

Now, back to the CEO Sisters…

Leadership Career Success Advice

Maggie Wilderotter is Chairman and CEO of Frontier Communications.  At age 56, she is ranked number 37 on the Fortune 50 Most Influential Women in Business.  Older sister,   Denise Morrison at age 57 is the new President and CEO of Campbell Soup and ranked 21 of 50.  Most of the discussion centered on the life success and leadership career success lessons they learned as children growing up.

During the interview, Lauer asked the CEO Sisters to describe how they grew up and the lessons they learned from their Father at the dinner table.  They discussed:

One of the funny examples they related was – if one of them wanted to get pierced ears or to make a purchase, they had to present their goal or ‘want’ at the dinner table in the form of a Business Plan. They had to articulate what they wanted, why they wanted it, why the ‘want’ was important, etc.  If the family (their father) felt they presented a strong case, they were allowed to get pierced ears or to make a purchase.  If they did not present a strong case, they had to go back to the drawing board!

A question for you to consider:

  • What leadership career success lessons are you modeling for the next generation?

Dedicated to my Father & my Sister 

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