I coach leaders every day on a number of goals they want to achieve in the areas of leadership development, career transition, career reinvention, career attainment and career fulfillment.

What executives tell me:

  • “Christine, I wonder if I am underutilized in my current role?”
  • “Since the new CEO arrived, I feel less involved in the company’s major strategic decisions.”
  • “I’ve been in the same company for (10/12/15/20…..) years – I wonder if there are opportunities in other companies that I am missing out on?”
  • “I have had a successful run in XYZ Company.  Should I stay where I am (given the economy) or should I take a risk and look for other opportunities?”
  • “Not much is going to change in this company in the next few years; is now the time to make a move?”
  • “I am doing well financially – much better than I ever imagined at the start of my career – but I want more of a challenge.  What can I do to be sure that I will be hired into the role I want?”

Their underlying – but unspoken – question is: Do I have what it takes to land the top job in my current organization or in another organization?

A recent MoneyWatch article documents the differences in what 540 big-company hiring decision makers look for when interviewing executive candidates versus what 734 executive candidates emphasized during critical senior–level interviews:

Competencies Hiring Decision Makers Value in Executive Candidates

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The learning from these disparities — executives preparing for interviews internally or externally should not focus on middle management responsibilities.  Instead, they need to step up their game and emphasize strategic perspective; high integrity; business acumen and global outlook as well as the Top Five Leadership Competencies of Tomorrow, including Leadership Agility; Flexibility; Innovation; Communication and Messaging (including social media) and Managing Rapid (or Continuous) Change.

Questions for you to consider:

  • Is it time for you to make a change in your leadership career?
  • How should you prepare for internal and external interviews?
  • During an interview for a senior-level role, what leadership competencies should you emphasize?

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Christine M. Glasco consults to company executives, business owners and non-profit leaders on career management/career transformation strategies and strategic leadership development solutions. To provide you with clarity on how to achieve the next steps in your career, go to www.christineglasco.com and request a complimentary copy of Is Your Career on Track? Assessment and e-Workbook

Email: info@christineglasco.com Phone: 1.940.367.0837

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