How many of us have participated in personality or leadership assessments (Myers-Briggs, Strengthsfinder 2.0, DISC, 360 programs, etc.), formal development courses or received coaching as part of a development program designed to help increase business acumen or other strategic leadership competencies?

If you are like me, after completing a new assessment, receiving performance appraisal feedback or participating in a development program, I transformed into Christine Glasco on steroids!

I told my subordinates and peers some of my ‘a-ha’ moments. I would make liberal use of newly-learned jargon, pay attention to my behaviors and walk around in an enlightened bubble for a week.  Then, as other crises and priorities reared their ugly heads – I had to put my leadership development plans on hold.  Correction: I chose to put my leadership development plans on hold.

I promised myself that when things ‘settled down’; I would get back to the action plans.

Well, you know the story.

I never got back that feeling of enlightenment and euphoria and of being on the verge of attaining the next level on my leadership growth journey.

Is there a better way to actually reap the rewards of receiving development feedback?

A Better Way

In a recent interview, Bill Fleming, President of Skanska USA Building Inc., was asked had he ever received feedback about his management style that prompted him to make changes in his modus operandi?  (Note: Skanska, $123B in revenues, one of the world’s ten largest construction companies.)

He responded:

“Sure. I can be somewhat short with people. And the reason I’m short is that I’m urgent. We don’t always have a lot of time, particularly in this business. So it may seem like I’m short and dismissive, but I act that way because of the urgency to get things done. You can change how you do things, but it doesn’t always change who you are. You have to be reminded.

When you get a 360 review, it’s often three to five pages long. I boiled it down to about three or four things that I want to focus on, wrote them on a piece of paper and I keep them inside the cover of my tablet notebook. So when I’m at a meeting, I see those three or four things and it’s a good reminder.”

This easy technique is one that we all know.  The things we pay attention to and make a daily written reminder to act on or implement – we do.  The things we set aside for later or someday – never again rise to the top of the To Do pile and guess what – they don’t get done.

So, what have you put off doing that you know would enhance your professional development and make you a better leader?

It’s time to dust-off your leadership development action plans!

A question for you to consider:

  • What 4 or 5 development-oriented items should be ‘top-of-mind’ for you? If you don’t know or you don’t have development-oriented action plans, contact me at:


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