• Lack of a personal leadership brand
  • Lack of an external reputation as a  ‘sought-after’ industry or career field thought-leader, speaker, author or influencer
  • Damaged (walking wounded) or invisible internal reputation
  • Lack of evidence of capabilities required in the next level
  • Lack of a Mentor or Champion
  • You think that doing the current job in a stellar manner or your past history of excellent performance should carry you to victory
  • Lack of strategic focus
  • You are playing football when the next-level role requires basketball competencies
  • Non-alignment with the senior executive team’s values, strategy or leadership style
  • Past faulty execution
  • Inability to innovate
  • Your boss advertises your successes as his/her own


  • Your former rising star career – is now stagnant
  • You find out about strategy changes from water-cooler discussions
  • Your best performing employees are nervous and may be planning to move to other divisions

Strategies to Crack the Code

  • If it doesn’t put you in jeopardy, have a frank conversation with your boss
  • Build your personal leadership brand
  • Build an external reputation that showcases you as a sought-after industry thought leader, influencer, etc.
  • Conduct a Gap Analysis – compare your leadership style and results with others in your target positions and hone in on competencies needed for future roles
  • Develop a stakeholder management process and stay connected to internal and external influencers
  • Promote your employees
  • Volunteer for a highly-visible role in the top industry association
  • Publish SME material: articles, videos, whitepapers
  • Become indispensible to the company’s largest customer
  • Step up: demonstrate the competencies needed for the next role, while performing in your current role
  • Show up: volunteer for stretch assignments, participate in innovation/business reinvention teams
  • Step out: leave and find the next-level opportunity in another company

A question for you:

  • When was your last promotion?

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