A great job is just like a great date.  A great date will pay for the opportunity to be in your presence (yes, women should offer to Go Dutch or pay as well).  A great date will select mutually enjoyable activities.  A great date doesn’t try to get too personal, too soon.  A great date respects your time and personal needs and doesn’t keep you waiting or make you late getting home too often.  A great date will listen to your stories and laugh appropriately.

On the other hand…

“Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career”

“Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career”

A great career reminds me of a great marriage.  A great marriage is steeped in passion.  A great marriage prepares for and embraces change. A great marriage allows for growth, seeks opportunities., and sets goals. A great marriage considers the needs of all partners and advances the fortunes of the unit. A great marriage will stand the test of time.

A great marriage inspires mission and vision. A great marriage establishes direction, creates priorities and ensures that we become less selfish. A great marriage will morph and transform.


A not so good marriage limps along – not bad enough to do something about it – but not great, either.  A not so good career progresses sporadically and provides just enough income, and psychic rewards to keep us going in the same direction – nothing spectacular and nothing truly aspirational.

I hope after trials and errors, good times and bad – your great date became a great marriage. I hope after trials and errors, good times and bad – your great job became a great career!


A good job is the enemy of a great career!

When you date your job and marry your career, you develop the resilience and agility to achieve career transformation.

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