Are You an Agile Leader?

On January 25, 2012, in Blog, Leadership Career Success, by Christine Glasco

An Executive Hire Case Study:

She had an amazing, problem-free on-boarding into the new role and the company.   From Day One, she was on a fast-track to be named as a lead candidate for the C-level succession pool.  Excellent hire – right?


Here’s What Actually Happened:

Shortly after she joined the company – the bottom fell out of the economy and the company leaders decided that immediate innovation in every division was needed.

She was hired because of her core competencies, record of innovation and for her reputation of exquisite execution.

However, at no time during the interview process was she asked: “Are you an Agile Leader?”  Nor was she asked to provide examples of successes when she had to make major changes in a very compressed time frame due to swift market changes.

In a nutshell, she was unable to shift as swiftly and as effectively as required for the new company focus.

The Rest of the Story:

After wreaking havoc in her division for 12 months, starting and stopping numerous ‘major initiatives’ and communicating several innovations (re-designs versus new) that were never brought on-line; she left the company with a generous severance package in hand.

The Lesson:

Today’s leaders must not only develop the required competencies to ‘ante-up’ to enter the leadership game; but also must be flexible, supple and turn-on-a-dime agile in their approach to solving ‘in the moment’ revenue impacting problems.  Leaders are now required to be change-savvy, innovation-oriented and execution-ready in order to recognize and capitalize on unanticipated opportunities.

A question for you to consider:

  • What do you need to do now to increase your leadership agility competency


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